Friday, May 07, 2010

Pet De Kat Krewe (Soundtrack To A Movie – Volume I) a dream disc of New Orleans Louisiana music

Back about five years ago, in 2005, a group of us kats put together a virtual compilation of music via a thread of messages on the internet. It was dubbed "Soundtrack To A Movie - Volume I". The mix had songs from some of our favorite Louisiana artists. Last week I found the mix and popped it into my CD Player, and thought hey since Treme has been such a hit promoting New Orleans music, why not share this playlist with others who are discovering that diverse Louisiana musical treasure chest right about now.  

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Soundtrack To A Movie – Volume I
  1. Pet the Kat, Dirty Dozen Brass Band (Buck Jump) 
  2. Lil' Liza Jane, All That (Eponymous Debut) 
  3. Do Me A Favor, The Subdudes (Primitive Streak) 
  4. Scald Dog, Dr. John (Goin' Back To New Orleans) 
  5. Louisiana 1927, Marcia Ball (Marcia Ball) 
  6. Barnbuner, The Radiators (Live At The Great American Music Hall) 
  7. Fortune Teller, The Iguanas (The Iguanas) 
  8. Alligator Crawl, Louis Armstrong (1923-1931) 
  9. Last Chance To Dance, The Original Pin Stripe Brass Band (Your Last Chance To Dance) 
  10. Old Time Indian, The Wild Magnolias (Life Is A Carnival) 
  11. Puddy Cat, Beau Jocque (I'm Coming Home) 
  12. Early In The Morning, Jeremy Lyons (Deltabilly Swing) 
  13. No More Lagniappe, Tribe Nunzio (Lives On Fire) 
  14. Do What Cha Wanna, Rebirth Brass Band  (Do Watcha Wanna)

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