Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recipe for New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp - BBQ Shrimp

YatCuisine did a story on New Orleans Barbequed Shrimp, or bbq skrimps as my pal JoeP might say. It's tasty recipe and worth a read when you're thinking about your next shrimp dinner. Don't forget to fix me a plate too! :)

This is one of the easiest New Orleans dishes to make, and it's fantastic if
you're not afraid of butter. Unlike "shrimp on the barbie," when New Orleanians
think of "barbecued" shrimp, they really mean baked with lots of butter and
pepper. The dish was invented at Pascal's Manale Restaurant, uptown on Napoleon
Ave., and it's their signature entree to this day. — YatCuisine

Looking for more about BBQ Shrimp? Check out what Southern Living has to say about this spicy, buttery, and decidedly hands-on, this dish is a New Orleans classic.

Several years ago Pascale's had a lunch special, not sure if it's still on the menu... a Barbeque Shrimp Poboy! All the taste on a delicious poboy. YUM!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

some JAZZ FEST downloads for under a buck

So it's just about time for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (JazzFest) and the Frenzy of the Fest is growing in a lot of my friends.

Emails are flying, dinners are being planned, concerts and meet ups are synching. Some folks, waking up to temperatures in the 20s, have to remember the Louisiana heat and dig out their shorts and flip flops. The Fever is hitting and folks are getting ready for the Fair Grounds!

Even those who can't get to New Orleans seem to check in the music sites and listen to 'OZ a bit more and check New Orleans blogs for the latest tidbits.

If you happen to be craving more Louisiana music, in addition to your CDs, WWOZ, live shows, and other sources, here are a bunch of 99¢ MP3's to download!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Threadheads raffle supports New Orleans causes

Hey there Friends and Family,

A raffle is being conducted by a group dubbed Threadheads who support New Orleans music and culture. ALL efforts of this raffle will directly help the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation and Fest4Kids.

With each raffle ticket you purchase there are a wide variety of items to choose from including: Collectibles, Food and Drink, Tickets, Art, Gift Packs, Music, Posters, Books, Clothing, Travel, Jewelry, Photos, and where nothing fits the category of Other! For the past few years I've donated a tee shirt to be raffled, and as a matter of fact you may have received this years Pet de Kat shirt details a few days ago. Now here's your chance to grab one for about a buck :)

Everything on the raffle list is really a deal and you're supporting New Orleans music and culture too!


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pet de Kat Krewe shirts for 2008 are unveiled


After a long winter, most people are especially anxious for the first signs of spring.

Songbirds, flowering trees, and Crocus are considered by some to be those first signs, but many associate the announcement of Pet De Kat Krewe's annual tee shirt as the officical signal that it's Spring Festival Season!

Announcing the 2008 Pet de Kat Krewe tee shirt!

Super Kat!

A fictional super hero kat circling the planet, seeking out festivals, supporting live music, meeting new friends and having a load of fun along the way.

In order to accommodate the anticipated demand, these colorful design are being produced by CafePress and are available now in several shirt styles, as well as on buttons.

The PDKK invites you to browse and order this year's krewe design at

Every year the Pet de Kat Krewe designs a t-shirt for members and friends of the krewe. These shirts have a magical effect when worn at a concert, festival or just along the river. Someone may yell out "Where Y'at! Pet De Kat!" when they see you sporting your new PdKK shirts. Meet old friends, and new in your katwear.

Hey share this email with a few festive friends :) and post it to that music centric list.