Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hey New York City: Light up the Empire State Building in Mardi Gras colors - Purple, Green and Gold

Empire State Building - February 28, 2006

Last year our efforts to encourage the group who manages the lighting of the Empire State Building started a little too late. Lets get organized, send in official requests and convince the ESB to light up in Purple Green and Gold on Fat Tuesday - February 5, 2008, and hopefully every year.

Remember that the Empire State Building receives tons of requests each year to become Lighting Partners. So the earlier, the better. Download the questionnaire, complete it and FAX it back.

Thanks for helping, and spreading the message to NY fans of New Orleans and NOLA in New York :) There is a lot of clean up to do in the Gulf Coast, and this is the perfect time to remind the world we're still recovering.

UPDATE February 1, 2008:  The Empire State Building has a conflict which prevents lighting in Purple, Green and Gold on Fat Tuesday. Please do not send in requests for Feb'08. See ya next year. Thanks!