Thursday, March 27, 2008

Recipe for New Orleans Barbecued Shrimp - BBQ Shrimp

YatCuisine did a story on New Orleans Barbequed Shrimp, or bbq skrimps as my pal JoeP might say. It's tasty recipe and worth a read when you're thinking about your next shrimp dinner. Don't forget to fix me a plate too! :)

This is one of the easiest New Orleans dishes to make, and it's fantastic if
you're not afraid of butter. Unlike "shrimp on the barbie," when New Orleanians
think of "barbecued" shrimp, they really mean baked with lots of butter and
pepper. The dish was invented at Pascal's Manale Restaurant, uptown on Napoleon
Ave., and it's their signature entree to this day. — YatCuisine

Looking for more about BBQ Shrimp? Check out what Southern Living has to say about this spicy, buttery, and decidedly hands-on, this dish is a New Orleans classic.

Several years ago Pascale's had a lunch special, not sure if it's still on the menu... a Barbeque Shrimp Poboy! All the taste on a delicious poboy. YUM!