Monday, May 08, 2006

Chocolate City shirt from New Orleans, LA

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's Chocolate City comments generated a cottage industry for tee shirts. Some favorites are on Cafepress.

Election Run-off is coming up. See some NOLA political parodies here.

Lionel Richie performs in Fats Domino time slot at the New Orleans Jazz Fest

Last weekend's MSN broadcast of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival was wonderful for those of us missing the Jazz Fest. Video streamed well, audio was crisp. The only gripe was audio level need to be balanced when the stream breaks away for a commercial.

Quint Davis announced around 3pm on Sunday, (May 7, 2006) that Fats was sick and heading to the hospital, missing his scheduled performance. Lionel Richie performed in Domino's place.

FATS DOMINO is Alive and Kickin' :) He returned from Oschner Clinic and took the stage shortly before Lionel played (during Fats Domino's original time slot) apologizing for canceling his performance and thanking fans for supporting the festival.

Feel the Jazz Fest Love