Monday, April 19, 2010

HBO series: The music of Treme - Season 1 Episode 2

By popular demand, the music from the HBO series Treme Episode two, "Meet De Boys On The Battlefront"

Written by David Simon and Eric Overmyer
Directed by Directed by Jim McKay.  

New Orleans, LA: Albert takes the law into his own hands: LaDonna gets news about her missing brother

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Lucia Micarelli (Annie) & Michiel (Sonny) ♫ Careless Love
Lucia Micarelli (Annie) & Michiel (Sonny) ♫ When the Saints Go Marching In
Cologne Chamber Orchestra (Maxos 8554608) ♫ Brandenburg Concerto #5 - III
Tony Green ♫ Waltz for Pud
New Orleans Jazz Vipers ♫ I Hope You're Comin' Back to New Orleans
Allen Toussaint ♫ Dolores' Boyfriend
JT Ka-Nection Band ♫ Up for the Down Stroke
Clarke Peters (Lambreaux) & Otto Dejean (George Cotrell) ♫ Shallow Water
Willie DeVille ♫ New Orleans

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